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Jain University has six faculties offering a wide range of courses, research programmes and study options.

All faculties support and promote excellence through focusing on the student experience, quality teaching, and the right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Faculty of Languages

Studying at the Faculty of Languages offers you the flexibility to combine fields of study that suit your academic and professional interests. You will be able to explore relevant and challenging issues in your field's within a varied, stimulating and academically rigorous environment.

We provide learning support and guidance to ensure that whatever your educational background, you can develop your full potential.

A degree is a major commitment and you want to do well. We also want you to succeed, which is why we provide strong academic programmes, skills modules to equip you with the expertise to progress through your degree.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes. Students at the university enjoy a progressive environment in which they are supported to excel in their areas of interest and to develop their creativity, scholarship and ability to learn.

Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses in a dynamic student-centred learning environment, committed to providing quality programmes across a range of sciences. We are enthusiastic and passionate about Science and committed to ensuring the success of our future Scientists.

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

We teach internationally acknowledged programmes, and carry out research, in almost all the major branches of engineering and technology.

Our ground breaking performance of 're-engineering' engineering has enabled us to provide a greater range of interdisciplinary research centres which are better suited to interaction with industry, plus a broader range of programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students.      

Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management focuses on management programmes more than just business management. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. The intent is to encourage intellectual curiosity and open minds to the adventure of ideas.

Faculty of Commerce

Jain University’s Faculty of Commerce has earned an exceptional reputation with employers for producing graduates who not only cope with the challenges of today's business world, but excel in the opportunities which they create.

The Faculty offers a wide range of industry related undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes which have been designed to stimulate and challenge ambitious minds as well as prepare students for managerial and specialist roles within business and the public sector.

Utilizing its established industry links, the Faculty of Commerce is surging ahead to develop innovative new courses which are designed to develop the advanced skills and knowledge required for today's business world.


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