Schools and Centers

School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in languages, pure sciences, life sciences, computer application, humanities and social sciences.

Center for Post Graduate Studies

Located in Jayanagar, Center for Post Graduate Studies specializes in subjects related to biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, physics and electronics. It is a dedicated and innovative institution which enhances all aspects of postgraduate education, research and development. Know More....

Center for Management Studies

Center for Management Studies (CMS) is a top-notch educational institute that imparts learning in management and entrepreneurial studies with precision. It foster a climate in which ideas and intellectual property generated are used to full advantage for graduates who are of high intellectual and innovative ability and make major impacts in a wide range of work places and throughout society. Know More....

School of Engineering & Technology

Jain University Engineering pushes the frontiers of modern science and engineering through teaching and research. School of Engineering & Technology offers a volley of programs that involve theoretical and practical learning in equal measure in order to sculpt potential engineers to perfection. Know More....

School of Commerce Studies

School of Commerce Studies offers portfolio of graduate and postgraduate courses in subjects such as Commerce, Finance, Management and Business studies. These programs are internationally recognized and equip students with the study skills and business-orientated thinking critical to modern & global commerce.

CMS Business School

CMS Business School, a part of Jain University, is India's leading business school with an international perspective. The school offers a combination of learning, consulting, facilitation, coaching and research that is directly applied to the realities and challenges being faced by organizations. Know More....

Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education

The Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education undertakes research in the field of democracy studies and Indian politics. The center promotes research in new teaching methodologies and dissemination through innovative tools kits, workshops and other outreach programs.

Centre for Disaster Mitigation

The Centre for Disaster Mitigation aims at carrying out research, teaching, testing and consultancy in the areas of earthquakes, floods & droughts, fire safety engineering and industrial waste utilization with a view to develop a group of well-trained man power catering to the ever increasing needs of the country in the field of Disaster Mitigation.

Centre for Emerging Technologies

The Centre for Emerging Technologies established under the aegis of industry institute relationship program is a global hub for promoting new technologies and undertaking research and consultancy in diverse domains of engineering. Know More....

Centre for Nano and Material Sciences

Centre for Nano and Material Sciences (CNMS) has oriented its research in chemistry focusing on Catalysis, Electrochemistry, Neurochemistry and Energy materials. It offers a critical mass of world class researchers with unique capabilities and expertise in nano-structured assemblies, electrochemical phenomena, catalyst materials integral to energy conversion and storage sensing technologies, together with clinical characteristics of anti neuro-inflammatory potentials. Know More....

International Institute for Aerospace Engineering and Management

International Institute for Aerospace Engineering and Management is involved in cutting edge research and generates a pool of technical manpower skilled in Aircraft Design, Avionics, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Airport Infrastructure & Management both at the Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Research levels. It is supported by academic institutions and Industrial organizations like ISRO, HAL, Airports Authority of India, NAL, Air India, BIAL, CIAL and many more. Know More....

Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship

Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship promotes entrepreneurial development, business incubation, empirical research & action research in the area of Entrepreneurship. Till date 42 companies have been incubated. The areas of business operations include hospitality, investment advisory, software services through telecommunication, interior design, hotel industry, niche marketing & educational services. Know More....

Centre for Ancient History & Culture

The Center is established with a view to present an objective analysis of Ancient Indian history, the research work in the center intends to review scholarly works on Vedic culture and present Indian history in the right perspective. The thrust areas of research include Monographs on Indian astronomy before Siddhantha Period, manuscriptlogy and to bring out a three volume encyclopaedia on technical-scientific terminologies used in ancient Indian literature.

Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute

Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (KEMI) is a path-breaking initiative of Jain University, which provides an engaging platform for the innovators who yearns for the best. It aims to sustain and advance the entrepreneurial agenda in a focused manner, through meaningful endeavors in entrepreneurship and business formation. KEMI aims to blend the best of eastern and western thoughts and practices for promoting agile, action-oriented, and conscientious wealth creators. Know More....


Jain University has 6 faculties, each housing a number of subject areas, research programs and study options. All faculties support and promote excellence through focusing on the student experience, quality teaching, and the right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

We teach internationally acknowledged programs, and carry out research, in almost all the major branches of engineering and technology.

Our ground breaking performance of 're-engineering' engineering has enabled us to provide a greater range of interdisciplinary research centers which are better suited to interaction with industry, plus a broader range of programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Information Science & Engineering

Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses in a dynamic student-centerd learning environment, committed to providing quality programs across a range of sciences. We are enthusiastic and passionate about Science and committed to ensuring the success of our future scientists.

  • Department of Biotechnology and Genetics
  • Department of Microbiology and Botany
  • Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Computer Science & IT
  • Department of Forensic Science
  • Department of Interior Design
  • Department of Mathematics

Faculty of Management

Dean – Prof. Dinesh Nilkant

The Faculty of Management focuses on management programs more than just business management. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. The intent is to encourage intellectual curiosity and open minds to the adventure of ideas.

Jain University’s Faculty of Commerce has earned an exceptional reputation with employers for producing graduates who not only cope with the challenges of today's business world, but excel in the opportunities which they create.

  • Department of Management Studies

Faculty of Commerce

Dean – Dr. Easwaran Iyer

The faculty offers a wide range of industry related undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs which have been designed to stimulate and challenge ambitious minds as well as prepare students for managerial and specialist roles within business and the public sector.

Utilizing its established industry links, the Faculty of Commerce is surging ahead to develop innovative new courses which are designed to develop the advanced skills and knowledge required for today's business world.

  • Department of Commerce

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. Students at the university enjoy a progressive environment in which they are supported to excel in their areas of interest and to develop their creativity, scholarship and ability to learn.

  • Department of Performing Arts and Cultural Studies
  • Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Department of Economics and Social Sciences

Faculty of Languages

Dean – Dr. Mythili P Rao

Studying at the Faculty of Languages offers you the flexibility to combine fields of study that suit your academic and professional interests. You will be able to explore relevant and challenging issues in your fields within a varied, stimulating and academically rigorous environment.

We provide learning support and guidance to ensure that whatever your educational background, you can develop your full potential.

A degree is a major commitment and you want to do well. We also want you to succeed, which is why we provide strong academic programs, skills modules to equip you with the expertise to progress through your degree.

  • Department of Languages

Allied Departments

Department of Sports

The Department of Sports came into existence in the year 1990. Ever since its inception the department has made an impact in the sporting arena by producing sports persons of repute and has won many individual and team accolades at Olympic, International, National, State and University levels. The department came under the ambit of Jain University in 2009.

The department has a very illustrious list of students who have represented the country at various levels. The students are provided with ideal opportunities to get involved in sports.
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Learning Resource Center

The five constituent units had full-fledged library before 2009, meeting the requirements of the students and faculty and were operating independently. Since 2009 all of them came under the umbrella of Jain University. With the increase in number of students, faculty, academic programs and research activities, all the units are engaged in providing the necessary facility to meet the requirements of all concerned.
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Human Networking Academy (HNA)

Human Networking Academy (HNA) was established to enhance the capabilities of individuals and organizations through professional training, research and consultancy. The aim of the academy is to bring people together and work towards a common goal to enhance productivity and effectiveness of individuals as team members. It aims at bringing about a positive transformation in individuals through a healthy infusion of ‘VALUES’. Addressing the need to equip students with requisite knowledge and skills to strengthen their minds a course titled “Mind Management and Human Values” has been designed for all UG students of Jain University. Mind Management and Human Values is a compulsory subject offered to all the Undergraduate programs as one of the Value Enhancing Course. Vishva Chaitanya, Vishva Chaarana and Vishva Spandana are the three unique programs pioneered by HNA
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Center for Virtual Learning & Innovation

Jain University has been a pioneer in developing innovative learning methodologies in order to enhance the learning abilities of a student, thus provides a competitive edge in professional life. Center for virtual learning and innovation at the Jain University was established in the year 2010 to promote seamless learning on a virtual platform. Center for virtual learning has launched the Technology Enhance Learning (TEL) for its various programs. The idea is to harness the power of technology and internet in particular so as to develop a unique method of learning process which is learner-centric.