Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is the seventh constituent Faculty of Jain University, established in the year 2016. It endeavors to provide excellence in Professional Legal Education and Research. The Faculty of Law envisions that the University should take a place of pride in the sphere of legal education, nationally and globally. Jain University, with its vast experience in the field of education and more so in professional education, established the Faculty of Law to impart high standard professional legal education.

The Faculty of Law consists of:
  • The Center for Post Graduate Studies and Research in Law
  • The School of Law and Governance

The Center for Post Graduate Studies and Research in Law

‘The Center for Post Graduate Studies and Research in Law’ is established with specific goals of imparting quality education to train legal professionals and to inculcate research skills to address socio-legal issues and other intricacies in Law. The Center is focused on:
  • Molding new generation law teachers in view of the modern needs and trends in the field of Law
  • Imparting expertise in innovative teaching pedagogy and curriculum development besides offering specializations in the growing arenas of law

The programs offered are:

  • Post-Doctoral Degree (LL.D.) in Law
  • Doctoral Degree in Integrated subjects with Law (Ph.D.)

The Research Programs will focus on:

  • Promoting Qualitative Research in Law and Integrated Subjects like, Economics, Sociology, History, Political Science, Psychology and Management
  • Encouraging researchers to identify unique research problems and undertake research to address contemporary socio-legal and socio-economic issues

The School of Law and Governance

  • An upcoming initiative of the Faculty of Law, Jain University
  • Approved by the Bar Council of India to offer Five Year Integrated LL. B. Degree in different streams