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M.Tech in Data Science

Why take this course?

The need for studying data science as a formal degree program has seen an exponential growth in the last decade. It is mostly inflamed by explosion of huge volume and variety of data generated by the use of Internet surfing, extensive penetration of online shopping, use of mobile networks, medical industry and the social media. Data Science plays a vital role in ensuring the proper decision making in the process of developing the businesses. Today data science has become an indispensable division in any business organization either in private or in government sectors. Hence, the achievement of any project of private or government sectors solely relies on analytics based decision making process done by skilled data science professionals.

What will I experience?


What opportunities might it lead to?

The term “data scientist” is the trending job title in the IT field. Some of the market and career growth opportunities are listed below.

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Data Scientist


Degree Awarded

Master of Technology

Course Commencement

June 2018


B.E/B.Tech in Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics or Computer Science Engineering. M.Sc in Electronics.

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