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M.Tech in Materials Engineering

Why take this course?

Materials Engineering is a consistent area of research with a record of having the highest number of projects and research papers worldwide. M.Tech in Materials Engineering is specially designed with the aim of improving the fundamental knowledge of Materials Engineering, its characterization and application of materials in different fields. It is a traditional course with ample scope both in industry and academia. From time immemorial, materials play a key role in different civilizations and hence this course is also aimed at the upliftment of the humanity as a whole.

What will I experience?


What opportunities might it lead to?

One can find a job as Material Scientist in different areas like Agriculture, Food Technology Industries, Medicine, Manufacturing Industries, and Automobile etc. and in various Government organizations like ISRO, HAL, SAIL etc. require people with material science specialization. Students can further pursue their Ph.D program in the same field and can apply for Government aided projects in this field.

  • Electronics / Semiconductor Industry
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Biotechnology/Medical Fields
  • Universities
  • Product based companies (food)
  • Research Laboratory


Degree Awarded

Master of Technology

Course Commencement

August 2018


B.E/B.Tech in Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics or Computer Science Engineering. M.Sc in Electronics.

Study Campus

Admissions Office

Curriculum Structure & Teaching

I Semester
  • Physical Metallurgy
  • Phase Transformation of Materials
  • Thermodynamics & Kinetics of Materials
  • Advances in Materials Engineering & Engineering
  • Core Elective - I
  • Material Testing & Characterization Lab - I

Core Elective - 1

  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • Polymer Processing
  • Material Testing & Characterization

II Semester
  • Composite Material & Polymers
  • Corrosion and Degradation of Materials
  • and their prevention
  • Powder Technology
  • Nano Materials & Technology
  • Core Elective - II
  • Material Testing & Characterization Lab - II

Core Elective - 2

  • Metallurgical Failure Analysis
  • Nuclear Materials
  • High Temperature Materials

III Semester
  • Research Methodology
  • Biomaterials
  • Core Elective - III
  • open Elective - 1
  • Project Phase 1 / Internship

Core Elective - 3

  • Electrical, Magnetic & Optoelectronic Materials
  • Thin Film Technology & Applications
  • Surface Engineering

Open Elective-1

  • Human resource management
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Business Analysis
  • Management and Entrepreneurship

IV Semesters
  • Project Phase 2