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M.Tech in Nanotechnology

Why take this course?

Nanotechnology is the application of Science, Engineering and Technology to develop novel materials and devices in various fields in the at Nano level. Despite its focus on the micro world, this emerging multi-disciplinary subject has potential to influence every aspect of life. Nanotechnology is one of the top-ranked subjects in the academic and research field. It is an enabling technology which generates new capabilities, products, markets and so on.

What will I experience?


What opportunities might it lead to?

One can find a job as Nano Technologists, Specialists or Scientists. The areas where Nanot Technologist can seek employment include Biotechnology, Agriculture, Food, Genetics, Space Research, Medicine and so on. Job opportunities are also available in National Physical Laboratory, Indian Institute of Astrophysics etc. Candidates with Ph.D can also join as faculty members in Universities and Colleges or research fields.

A wide range of career opportunities available for M.Tech in Nano Technology are:

  • Electronics / Semiconductor Industry
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Fields
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Environmental
  • Universities
  • Product based companies (food)


Degree Awarded

Master of Technology

Course Commencement

June 2018


B.E/B.Tech in Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics or Computer Science Engineering. M.Sc in Electronics.

Study Campus

Admissions Office