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Social Impact

Social Responsibility is deeply rooted in the mission of Jain University. Call it good social responsibility or simply gearing the staff and students for a better role in the society. It stems from a realization that we are all part of the community, locally, nationally or globally, and how we affect the society will ultimately affect the way we live.

With this thought we launched ‘JGI Foundation’ a Social Responsibility Model that helps to create a co-existing environment by means of nurturing, caring and helping life in the form of People, Animals & Plants.

‘JGI Foundation’ has sown the seed through several initiatives and made contributions towards a healthier and happier society. Besides setting up the Jain Vidyaniketan, an opportunity school for children from rural areas; it has been carrying out a host of activities aimed at community service over the past years including Eye camps like Cataract Free Kanakapura Project, School Eye Screening Project, Eye Donation Camps; Relief measures for calamities, Awareness Campaigns on Ecology, Traffic, Animal Welfare; Voluntary blood donation camps, Mid-day meals to patients and Visits to orphanages such as SOS children’s Home. 

We have also been actively supporting sportsmen from diverse fields through scholarships, rewards for achievers and funding for tournaments. We not only encourage them but also monitors the progress of sportspersons, reschedules classes with teachers besides taking remedial measures to bring them at par with the rest. The underlying idea is that even though they are into sports, their academic pursuits are not pushed to the back burner. JGI offers them the formula to hone their skills, on campus, in the city and beyond, without sacrificing on their academic life. 

Our social initiative, Radio Active - CR 90.4 MHz community radio station seeks to reach out to Bangalore’s masses on issues concerning health, environment, development, scientific awareness, women, social issues etc., in turn seeking to inform, educate, while entertaining the public.