Abdul G Sait

Abdul G Sait

Charismatic, talented, and ambitious, Abdul Sait is a young entrepreneur on the go. Nine years ago, he came up with the idea of “Basket Option”, a business enterprise that acts as a catalyst to ideas. Today it is a group of companies focussing on core areas like wealth management, financial services, real estate, health care and education. Sait has revolutionised the traditional role of an entrepreneur and given it a whole new meaning with his initiative.

Sait takes his idea of changing games to the next level by concentrating on customers, "we don’t invest on stocks, we don’t invest on real estate, we invest on minds. We invest on people’s passion". His ideology is to treat his customers the right way, "you have to spoil your customer. We believe that if you are not able to spoil your customer by giving him the best of service, understand his requirement much better than he himself understands, you won’t be able to succeed".

A member of the Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship (CRCE), Sait is indebted to his mentor, "Chenraj sir has been my godfather for almost nine years now. I have been associated with JGI for 15 years. His expectation from us is so high; we have no choice but to live up to his expectation. He will make you believe that you can actually do it. It has been a great journey with CRCE, they have helped me to live my dreams and passions".

Sait is optimistic about the future of his company, "JGI Ventures acted as a catalyst to my idea. Similarly, I want to be the catalyst to the next generation of entrepreneurs. We aim to become 100 entrepreneurs in the next five years. If 100 entrepreneurs are running the show, the company won’t go down. It will be a dynamic avenue of opportunities".

"The beauty of this entire concept is that we have 30 entrepreneurs running this company. Each vertical is headed by an entrepreneur. He or she brings out the entrepreneurial spirit involved in that vertical". He is very clear about what makes his company exclusive, "we are different in our own sense because we don’t start verticals which are there in the markets. We start verticals by finding out what are the gaps in the market. Those gaps are identified by us and we bring solutions. That’s why if you look at our punchline, it says, changing games. So in every vertical that we enter, you have to change the game. Let it take 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years, you have to change the game".

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