Ananthu Unnithan

Anathu Unnithan video Ananthu Unnithan is a techno savvy young man actively engaged in the social media. He truly believes that technology breaks the shackles of geography and liberates him to connect with people across the world. His inexhaustible passion to communicate has made him one of the top Campassadors in India.

Campassador is a portmanteau for Campus Ambassadors, a unique program conducted by Dell in association with Google INKtalks. “What basically this program does is it moulds you as a person, it gives you more confidence. This program is built in such a way that it can get the best out of you in terms of your personality, in terms of your skill development and in terms of your communication”, says Ananthu a 3rd year B.Com student. Ananthu Unnithan along with his classmate Ronil Jain is the Dell Campassador of Jain (Deemed-to-be University).

Dell and INKtalks have selected approximately 50 institutions in India where they will run this campaign. Two students per campus become Campassadors. Ananthu and Ronil emerged out of a group of twenty from Jain (Deemed-to-be University) through a two-round selection process conducted via the medium of Skype. The program aims to create awareness among the youngsters about the relevance of personal technology and its integration in the campus. “In today’s generation, technology plays a vital role. Whether it be writing our assignments or developing projects, everywhere we have technology. We keep a soft copy for everything; the tendency of having a hard copy is just gone,” explains Ananthu, a multitasker who juggles his time being the Campassador and a student council member. He makes use of technology to catch up with the classes he had to skip because of his responsibilities.

Dell and INKtalks intend to organise six events per campus this academic year and so far they have completed two. Ananthu and Ronil could not take part in the first event titled “Picathon” as they were busy with a program in the campus for which Dell was the sponsor. They more than compensated for it in the second event by coming up trumps. An inspirational video based on Dr. Rajdeep Manwani (faculty of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) made them the joint winners of the contest.

Ananthu articulated about the build up to the achievement, “When this event came up, we were thinking of whom to select as our inspiration. We thought of many people in the university and then we concluded that we should have something unique in that personality. There was no one quite like Rajdeep sir; he was such a revelation. In spite of him being a differently abled person, he overcame adversities and became a very successful teacher. We can’t imagine another person in his position achieving the same. We forwarded our proposal to Dell and they gave the permission to proceed. We created the video with the assistance of Dell and it was a hit. We got 450+ likes and almost 120 shares in FB.”

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) played a vital role in their success as well, “I have to thank the concerned authorities, the placement department and my friends for helping us with every infrastructural requirement. From the seemingly simple task of arranging a proper room to ensuring that Rajdeep sir was available for filming, all our demands were fulfilled. The university has been supportive throughout the program,” elucidates Ananthu.

The next event coming up for the lads is an all-expense-covered trip to Dell’s factory in Sriperumbudur. Apart from the official Dell events, Ananthu also envisages an interactive session between industrial experts and the students in the near future so that the students get a first-hand knowledge of the corporate world. He is hopeful that Dell authorities will approve his idea. Ananthu concluded by expressing that, “It was like a dream come true to associate with Dell at such a young age; we have got recognition in every possible place we have gone. If we do well as Campassadors and maintain our top rating, there is a possibility of becoming interns at Dell once our courses are over.”