GWFM Network Forum HR Conclave

HR 3.0 : The Technology Invasion

24 February 2018


Panel Discussion – I


Rise of the Machines: What Automation means for HR

With computers, now we are able to replicate processes once which was thought to be the sole preserve of the human brain. The challenge and opportunity for business is clear, yet the urgency with which boards and HR departments are addressing this issue remains surprisingly low.

Is HR up to the Task?

This Panel Discussion would interpret the rise of the machines and explore what automation can bring to the table.

There is a lot written about the need for us as individuals to adapt to an increasingly automated world, but it seems there is still much for organizations to do. This doesn't only mean we are failing to reskill our workforces, but also that we're failing to ensure they have access to the right data and the right tools to do their job effectively. To be able to rewrite the rules, HR needs to prove it has the insights and capabilities to successfully play outside the lines.