GWFM Network Forum HR Conclave

HR 3.0 : The Technology Invasion

24 February 2018


Panel Discussion – II


Changing face of talent acquisition

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage the change - Charles Darwin

Talent acquisition is changing rapidly. Talent acquisition leaders indicate that technology has moved beyond screening and is poised to become the massively disruptive change, as tools can now collect data that can radically change the quality of assessment. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more available in the core recruitment systems, it is going to transform recruiting in a major way. More companies are now increasing investment in video assessment, candidate marketing solutions, game and team based assessments.

Throughout the process of talent acquisition, today companies are facing several challenges. Talent acquisition leaders have started thinking about their function as builders or carpenters.

This deep drive session will delve into the following: