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Panel Discussion – IV


Employees Take Charge

The pressure on organizations to improve learning and development continues to intensify. Advances in technology, shifts in demographics, and the constant competitive necessity to upgrade workforce skills are disrupting corporate learning. These forces are pushing companies to develop new ways to put employees in charge of the learning experience and foster a culture of learning throughout the organization. This year, the big change is a shift beyond internal programs aimed at developing people to innovative platforms that enable people to develop themselves.

Corporate learning departments are changing from education providers to content curators and experience facilitators, developing innovative platforms that turn employee learning and development into a self-driven pursuit. The transformation of learning is a powerful story, and most organizations are still in the first or second act of this multi-act drama.

Shifting from an internally focused, corporate-centric learning universe to a learner-centric one upends many long-held beliefs in the HR community. Employees will likely find it easier to make this pivot than HR departments because this new world is already part of their mobile, social, and online lives. For their part, business, learning, and HR leaders must embrace a new mind-set that puts learners in the driver’s seat, redesigning programs to harness the power of technology and the amazingly diverse wealth of instantly available external content, and offering great user experiences to learners.

Learning continues to be important to HR and business executives worldwide as they strive to adapt to the disruptive change that is sweeping through corporate learning and development organizations.

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