Significance of Big Data

Big Data

Significance of Big Data

Big data has rapidly developed into a trending topic that gets extensive attention from Academia, Industries and Governments around the world.

What is this data and how is it created?

There is an extreme amount of data that is being created worldwide by every individual. Every move that you make using the internet creates data. For example, Facebook likes, Tweets, Google searches, Instagram follows, etc is the kind of data that gets created every second.

What is the use of such unstructured data?

The users of such data are available in every business today. They utilize this to ensure customer satisfaction by altering their products and services according to the customer’s demand.

Previously in business, they had to use data which was collecting through archaic spreadsheets. Today, they have tons of data of their customers which is definitely helping to make better business decisions resulting in better profits. This also helps business to keep up with the dynamic environment by making quick changes with their products and services which is desired by the customers. This data gives the edge over other competitors and helps them take better business decisions.

There is also a room for innovation and introduction of new products without taking up a huge risk as they already have a better idea about the customers’ demands. Such innovations which meets the customer requirements helps the organisation in retaining customers and also in acquiring new customers.

Who are these users?

Today, users of big data are spread across different markets. Every organisation like Education, Banking, Finance, Health Care, Manufacturing and Government sectors use big data. All Organizations will store, process and extracts value from data of all forms and sizes. Systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise.

All these are increasing more job opportunities in the field of big data. It is best to get up and start exploring the exciting program in PGDIT - Big Data which is available here at Jain University.

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Author - Dr Suchithra.R

Associate professor, Head of MSC (IT), Jain University