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A Letter to Teachers


Dear teachers,

A letter to you would never be enough

For all the times you showed us through the tough,

Thank you for showing us the right from the wrongs,

If only we could turn back time and differentiate and integrate those bittersweet moments,

The love for you is limitless,

Thank you for being the contact that leaves a trace,

Locard was right about the principle of exchange,

Valuable advice and unspoken words of admiration abound,

At times, we seemed like a wall of bricks, we were really trying to overcome the inertia of rest,

Thank you for putting up with us and showing us the rectilinear propagation of light in reality,

Every cloud does have a silver lining indeed,

How you are patient is still a mystery,

You were our catalysts speeding our reaction rate, triggering new ways of thinking, surging our adrenaline levels,

Transcending from school to college, a lot has changed, but your pure care towards us has always remained at equilibrium,

Thank you for tolerating our pH 7 behavior,

We would have been nothing without your pearls of wisdom and constant encouragement…….