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Convocation 2018 - Stepping onto the Next Rung


The day is near, with many expectant and eager men and women waiting to grab that certificate. The certificate that signifies the fruit of their labor of years’ of studies. Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is in full swing to hold its 8th Annual Convocation Ceremony at the JGI Global Campus on September 1st, 2018. It is the long-awaited day for more than 2500 students of a host of courses ranging from the Art, Science, Commerce & Management, and Professional streams.

The Bachelor’s programs have students spread across B.A., B.Com, BBA, BMS, B.Sc., BCA, and Liberal Studies. The Master’s programs bring forth students from M.A., M.Com, MBA, MMS, M.Sc., and MCA. The students of the B.Tech. and M.Tech also receive their degrees. Graduates of M.Phil. and Ph.D., disciplines are not left behind either. In short, it is the celebration of the entire Jain (Deemed-to-be University) family.

The Convocation Ceremony is a solemn occasion where the esteemed members of the University come together to congratulate and respectfully hand over the respective degree certificates to graduates who have successfully passed through the University examinations. The ceremony is by far, the most important one in a student’s life. The dignitaries present include the President, the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor, the Pro Vice Chancellor, and other decisive members of the Board of Management of the University.

Graduates beam with joy and pride as they don on the coveted black robes and cap with the bright-colored tassels hanging on their right. Dressed in a formal outfit under their robes, the emotions and sense of accomplishment on the inside is hardly containable. What is very honorable about this ceremony, is that each student is individually called on stage and conferred with the deemed certificate of their degree. For most graduates, the most impatient period of time in a student’s life is when you wait for your name to be announced.

Special mentions and appreciations are given to gold-medalists and rank-holders apart from conferring them with the prestigious gold medals and rank certificates for exceptional performances and achievements. The formal event, of course, involves the address by the President, Chief Guest, Chancellor, and the Vice Chancellor informing and delegating the graduates for the mission they are stepping into. Once the certificates are presented, the now officially-affirmed graduates are obligated to take an oath.

With all the excitement and the happiness of touching success, this is a time of celebration and festivities for all graduates. The moment is often shared with family, loved ones who travel down for the occasion, and of course the beloved friends and classmates who have literally been through the ups and downs through reaching the finish line. Not to mention, the teachers and academicians that never hesitated to help you deal with the potholes and thorns on the way - sometimes also acting as speed breakers for your safety. Now is the time to relish those good and bad memories that have apparently turned out for the best.

Often, while you look back on the path you have tread on so far, your eyes may well up with tears. This is not just a time of happiness on reaching the milestone, but also a time of realization that that phase has undeniably come to a close. As all would describe this as a “journey” or “phase” of life that comes with its gifts and opportunities to face the next one, we seldom realize that this is not the end of it all.

No doubt that it is a hopeful and positively energized cross-over for us, new graduates, to brace and take on the new experiences waiting ahead of us. But it is healthy to take this event as a self-analytical step. As much as we want to laud over and highlight our superior qualities, we may have to bend lower and look at the weaker sides of us. This is not so much to say that we have to try to better ourselves in skills we are not attracted to. Rather, we have to continue to want to learn and keep an eye open on the other fields.

To put it across plainly, do allow yourself to continue indulging in other interests as a person. As a researcher, your dominant interest is established. But as an individual, life has more to offer if you are willing to explore. Self-analysis is not criticizing ourselves about what we cannot do, but critiquing ourselves to know to what extent everything can be done by an individual. This means that every individual can do everything, but at varying “degrees!”.

Gearing up for a new phase means that you leave behind some parts of your present life that will remain intact in your memories. So make the best use of those memories. We need to use our past experiences, good and bad so that we can better ourselves in the future. Use them to change minor habits to ensure major and positive results.