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Embracing security for a safer tomorrow


Threats have evolved rapidly in recent years. Globally, data exposure is the top concern for information security professionals, regardless of their geographic location.

All the organizations including government and military will store and process a huge volume of significant and confidential data. These data are regularly transmitted across networks, thereby increasing the exposure to cyber threats. The potential damage will not only lead to monetary losses but also put national security at stake if critical information is targeted.

Ensuring safe cyberspace is of prime importance for everyone whose growth is operated by Information and Communication Technology. In the year 2015, it has witnessed a rise in the cybercrime of over 94% where many organizations faced major threats. However, most firms have not started taking cybercrime seriously, only 74% of firms are conducting a detailed annual IT and cyber risk assessment.

In today’s world, we all use smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches where our information will be stored. As every moment will be captured, more opportunities will be provided to the hackers to steal our data for their own requirements and motives. The public and private organizations should adopt preventive steps to avoid cyber-attacks, if not it will lead to misuse of data and intellectual properties.

“Prevention is better than cure" well in this case, it is most relevant. If the organization has to stand in the position of zero vulnerability, it must invest in hiring a perfect candidate who is specialized in the area of Cybersecurity. Every business from small scale to large scale needs a specialist in this field.

Changing Workforce:
The officials who work for cybersecurity do not often start their careers here. Studies say, 87 percent of cybersecurity officials globally, started working in another job role (technical and non-technical) and eventually switched to this related field with proper training and right skills.

Hiring is on the Rise:
Globally, the most desirable positions are Operations and Security Management with 62% of the workforce but very few occupy this position, followed by Incident and Threat Management and Forensics.

Having identified that cybersecurity is an important aspect of digital education, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) has designed a curriculum that includes all the aspects of cybersecurity relevant to industry needs. This will be delivered as classroom sessions over weekends.

The program is most relevant today on cybersecurity for graduates with zero to three years of experience. The syllabus and the capstone projects will make you an Industry ready professional by the end of the course.