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Exciting Jobs that make Work Fun


Jobs and vocations are always seen as serious, technical and mind-straining work that adults usually take up as part of the Adult-Life. Somewhere, as we all grow up, we tell ourselves that work is often a mundane, monotonous, and stressful activity we are engaged day-in and day-out. But what if the child in us never has to grow up or simply, what if we make a livelihood out of something that is so refreshing and fun that we cringe to take a break from it? Here are some of the fun jobs that one can pursue, through a normal degree without having to whine about getting placed in a boring, strenuous job.

Video Game Developer
How much fun is it to design and create video games and watch them played by your friends! Even better - you know how to beat the last level. You can become a video game developer and give life to your creative, imaginative side through every level of the game. The courses that you can take up to realize this dream are B.Tech. Computer Science & Technology (Artificial Intelligence) and B.Sc. Gaming. You will get to pitch, create, and develop new games or refresh old ones through conceptualization, coding, programming, audio-visual production, and design. Watch your game come alive through concepts of augmented reality, character animation, and computer graphics.

Comic Book Artist, Filmmaker
Project your stories and comic ideas through different methods and bring out emotions by becoming a Comic Book Artist. Or if you want to bring life to those images and stories through moving images, how about becoming a filmmaker? Become a filmmaker, travel places, and meet new people, and project stories and life like never before. Opt one of these courses: B.Sc. Digital Filmmaking, B.Sc. Animation, and M.Sc. Animation to experiment, explore, and experience life.

Lyricist, Fan Happiness Associate, Music Touring, Music Therapist, Voice Delivery for jingles & advertisements
If music is the blood in your veins, then a B.A. Honors in Music or an M.A. in Classical Music (Carnatic & Hindustani) can be your life inspirer. It all depends on your areas of interest. Being a musician is a gift that needs to be built up on and developed. If you are drawn to enjoying music you can have more joy in studying it as a subject. You can make a pick from being a Lyricist, a Fan Happiness Associate, a Music Therapist, a Voice Deliverer for jingles and advertisements, and even go on Music Touring. From traveling around the world for organizing (or performing at) music concerts to rendering therapy through the soothing effect of music, you can bet you will enjoy this kind of a career any time of your life.

Radio/TV Anchor, Acting
You can experience the adrenaline rush of anchoring live on radio or TV and speaking about a variety of trending things. You can be part of the shows and even get to meet celebrities and well-known personalities. Of course, you wouldn't want to miss the exciting moments of interviewing and talking to them personally. If you are more interested in building an acting career, you can go for it too. With the knowledge of and the exposure to various media and mass communication, you can make acting a niche for yourself. For all this, go ahead and take up the courses B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication or M.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication.

Cybercrime Investigator, Professional Ethical Hacker
With the shooting crime rate online, there is a need for some awesome cyber investigators and professional ethical hackers. You can become any one of those and learn how criminal activity takes place online and in general, and then help in curbing it. The overall experience helps you know that you can be of great help in nabbing anti-social persons and create a safe environment online. Take up a B.Sc. Information Technology in Cyber Security & Forensics course to fulfill this good citizen duty and get to work with the government (even foreign government). Hack online accounts for the betterment of the society and improve on your online skills on-the-go.

Child Psychologist
Having the fun of spending time with children and helping them deal with different issues in different ways, is one part of the job. You can even opt to become a child counselor and delve deeper into the problems that children face today. You will have to administer many assessments and tests, help chart out lesson plans, and appropriate games for learning. This will also lead you in carrying out seminars and talks, and interact with parents, families, educators, and schools, and help in bridging the gap between children and their immediate adults. The opportunity to work with children and develop new therapies to assist in their overall development can be availed by pursuing a course in B.A. Psychology. The course can give you insights about your own childhood and help you deal with children of different age groups.


Although you can pursue any other communication course, there is such a wide exposure to the language of English that you study in M.A. in English. You can become an editor or a writer in a variety of fields, and master the various writing skills in the process. That includes editing, creating content, proofreading, writing different types of materials like interviews, book/film/play reviews, and journalistic writing. You can even try a hand at the education, marketing, media, advertising, and publishing industries. Furthermore, you can write for newspapers, magazines, TV shows, plays, news channels, and radio shows. Isn’t that something you want to make a job out of?

Forensic Scientist
How would it be for you to trace fingerprints, analyze handwritings, and study crime scene evidences like body fluids and drugs? As much as it sounds dark and scary, it needn’t be. By becoming a forensic expert or scientist, you can do all this and learn so much more about the life matter around you. You can take up a B.Sc. in Forensic Science or even pursue research studies and become a research student in the same.

With these 15 jobs, what do you want to pursue to make your life more interesting and adventurous? Jain (Deemed-to-be University) offers all of the above courses in Bangalore, India to help you get through to that one job that you are aspiring for. With these job opportunities, you can be sure that a usual degree of yours can give you a lot more than you can expect.