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Exclusive interview with famous South Indian actor Priyamani


‘Famous South Indian actor and national award recipient, Priyamani was recently here at Center for Management Studies (CMS), Jain (Deemed-to-be University) to judge the dance show of the cultural fest ‘Lasya – 2017’ and we caught up with the actress for an interview.

Role of dance in your career as well as in your life?

Dance definitely plays a very important role in my life. Because I have always been passionate about it from a very young age. For me, it helps me to relax and releases all my stresses out. They say in everything in life there’s a movement and I think you can relay that to dance. Because dance is basically about the movement of the body and the way you express yourself.

Do dance reality shows really help the aspiring dancers, especially those who are under 15, in the long run, or should they spend more time getting trained initially?

You should have some sort of training initially, but I believe the dance reality shows are more like schools where you can learn different styles rather than concentrating on one particular form which you know of. You get to learn more and new forms. Kids are way more flexible at the dance. They start at such an early age and their bodies become so flexible that they can adapt themselves to any form of dance. And I think dance is also a way of expression. And these shows provide great platforms and if you don’t know a certain form of dance you can learn many them through these shows.”

Priyamani at CMS

What is a success according to you and how should the young generation perceive success as?

The one lesson that I have heard is never taken success to your head, no matter how successful you are. You just need to stay rooted and grounded and never forget where you have started. I might be successful right now but that will not make me relax, sit back and not do anything. It rather makes me strive for more and makes me hungry to learn and do more. Because the more I work the more it reaches out to people; they like it or don’t like it at least I am satisfied that they are watching it and my works are being spoken about. And touchwood, so far people have liked my movies and that itself is a success for me. It doesn’t mean that you have to be numero uno in the film industry, your work can itself speak for you.

What is your mantra to not give up in life and not to give in to any peer/external pressure?

I had never had peer pressure since the time I had entered the film industry. Though there is healthy competition. And there is healthy competition in every industry for that matter and not only in the film industry. My mantra is – slow and steady wins the race. Just keep working hard, because if not today, at least one day your hard work is definitely going to pay off. No matter who you are or which field you are in, just keep doing your work, do it with all the love. Basically, you need to love what you do and you’re sure to reach where you wish to.

Your take on the event ‘Lasya’ and your message for the students of CMS.?

This is the first time I am judging the event ‘Lasya’. I am very excited and it is definitely a great show. And the environment and everything over here reminds me of my college days. It really took me back to my Bishop Cotton days. And going by the theme ‘Nostalgia’ that the fest is focused on this time, I think it has created a perfect ambiance for the students as well as participants to bring forth their enthusiasm and talents. I want to wish the students of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) all the best.