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Being ‘liberal’ in building your career


Being exposed to a variety of subjects is a strong base for helping you gauge a better and more enjoyable career. Liberal Studies, as the term suggests, is a wide stream in itself and has a list of subjects that is at the “liberty” of the student to choose from. Instead of limiting yourself to a specific, traditional, single academic major area of study, you can choose subjects from a variety of areas, based on humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and creative arts.

This is beneficial to those who want to study a variety at once cushioning multiple areas of interest. The career opportunities for the Liberal Studies program ranges from government, business, and social service agencies like adult and family services, criminal justice, and health and welfare. Some of the subjects offered are Journalism, Law, Psychology, Communication, Sociology, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Music, Languages, Natural Sciences, Art and History, and even Mathematics. There are innumerable combinations of subjects that you can choose from as per your interests.

In terms of relevance, taking up Liberal Studies can help you play the role of an Editor, Journalist, Public Relations Manager, Copywriter, Lobbyist, to name a few. Unfortunately, Liberal Studies have taken a backseat to more “practical” fields such as science, math, and technology as better career choices. Today, as attention is grabbed by the “juicier” areas, many are able to realize the importance of these age-old subjects that once held a respectable position.

Taking up Liberal Studies sharpens your mental capacities. You get an awareness in Art, History, Philosophy, and Technology all at once, and their influence on contemporary issues. Areas of critical thinking, writing, and oral presentation skills are developed. These invariably help building up your chances of having a better and successful career, whatever those choices are. Here are some of the advantages of Liberal Studies and its influence on having a satisfying career:

  •  Variety of careers – This is the first advantage for anyone who pursues Liberal Studies. Due to the long and varied list of subjects to choose from, there is a wide array of subjects, you are free to create your own combination of subjects that not only gives you a variety of careers to choose from but also creates new avenues for yourself. You are free to experiment with your interests and make a tailored and appropriate choice of career.
  •  Communication – Having those “one-of-a-kind” careers, you are better equipped to create a smooth path of communication. You have the chance to be open to a variety of people, let alone the benefit of being a professional at communicating or getting yourself across effortlessly. You learn the skill of dealing with people first-hand, making your communication skills better.
  •  Cultural understanding – Being a student of Liberal Studies, of course, doesn’t rob you of your place in the regular herd-mentality. In fact, you become a first-class knowledge guru and understand how various cultural, social and communal work.
  •  Judgment and ethical decision making – This is a default quality that you may master if you are a loyal practitioner of Liberal Studies. Thanks to the exposure to cultural understanding, one can pick up hints at how to deal with and make ethical decisions that support further sensitivity to a better understanding of culture. Your career benefits all these skills.
  •  Critical and analytical thinking – Having an understanding of the environment of various societies is not enough if your ability to think critically is among cobwebs. When you are able to improve on these abilities, your take on handing your career becomes better apart from helping you make sound reasoning of everything that comes your way in any career that you are pursuing.
  •  Soft skills – This is a mandate advantage that tags along with the other advantages of studying Liberal Studies. One can harmoniously interact with different kinds of communities, with different people every day.
  •  Passion takes a step forward – Liberal Studies teaches you something that takes your growth in your career a long way – being passionate. When your career is birthed in your passion, it is stronger and healthier in adulthood.

Building a great career isn’t restricted to having the best staff, colleagues, capital, qualification or even the best opportunity alone, you have to be willing to put your abilities to the best use. Liberal Studies definitely fuels that.

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