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Will 5G be the Future Mobile Communication System in India


Telecom gear makers have analyzed that 2G and 3G technologies will continue to play an important role over a long period with the huge installed-based of 2G and 3G handsets in the country, even as 4G LTE penetration continues to improve, the government and industry propel for the 5G technology.

2G and 3G technologies will not vanish in future. They are also the technologies which are in priority which will help in meeting future goals to overcome other challenges. GSM can be the better option if the only voice call is the prior requirement. Swedish telecom gear makers have stated many 2G based devices have been installed hence it will not perish in future.

3G and 4G have similar functionality, even though they have differences from market to market it is hard to see both presents on every network. It has been noticed that 4G and 2G stays for a long duration than 3G.

India’s leading telecom operators have stated that it will shut down 3G service in next 3-4 years, and will utilize its 3G airwaves in the 2100 MHz band for 4G services.

Idea Cellular, which is currently in the process of merging with Vodafone India, will not stop 3G services anytime, as the technology offers a backup for its voice services in many service areas. The telecom is spending most of its energy and funds on expanding its 4G network.

The present feature phones will continue to be the real element of the game plan, therefore 2G or 3G will exist, even though 5G is the replacement for 2G when all essential services which a customer needs are data enabled.

To understand the complete strategy of any new technology requires long duration hence entire market will not be able to shift from one technology to another completely.

India’s situation is similar to other countries; hence operators have to understand the usage and traffic are moving, which will work on a migration strategy. Still, there is a belief that even 10 years from today there will be legacy technology, not only in India but other countries too.

According to the recent report on mobility, 2G still account for 211 million subscribers but 3G will be used by 740 million customers in India by 2022. On the other hand, 4G will account for 520 million subscribers.

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