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Natural Language Processing and its Applications


What is Natural Language Processing or Neuro-Linguistic Programming? It’s a big question mark.

The answer is: both are correct. NLP is used in both the contexts. But Natural Language Processing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are two different fields. The only one similarity of the two is both are related to linguistics i.e. natural language that human interacts.

Natural Language Processing deals with computer and human language in an intensive manner. NLP is as of now understanding human’s language and reply back with answers after the processing is done. The spoken languages can be anything like English, French, Kannada, Hindi etc. There are a lot of other expectations from NLP in the near future which is mentioned below Human-like virtual assistants: Since Natural Language Processing is a part of Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistants will understand and respond to natural language requests, which use conversational form, in real time. These assistants will be able to converse more like humans.

Smart search: Users will be able to search via voice commands in their own selected language rather than typing or using the keyboard.

Information Retrieval from unstructured Data: - Extraction of information and analyze the text and come up with the correct results. This is particularly useful where customers may give their feedback on some particular product in a very informal way. NLP (Natural Language Processing) is also beneficial in a sentimental analysis.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, on the other hand, emphasizes the human’s mental health condition. A Neuro Surgeon or psychiatrist study and observe the human’s attitude by extracting their behavior. They do this through frequent interactions with that person, analyze their spoken words and give appropriate treatment.

This will be helpful for any patient to motivate or change their attitudes and behavior on a positive path. Hence Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach to personal development, communication, and psychotherapy.

There are lots of benefits through NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) training, like, it promotes learning, helps to reduce anxiety, supports balanced mood and helps to get over bad habits.

At Jain (Deemed-to-be University) , we provide B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology (Artificial Intelligence) which delivers implicit knowledge of Natural Language Processing.