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Save the Globe! Go Green!!


An alarming question!!

194,573,124 Terra joules of energy, is approximately used globally this year. Out of which 3.6 % is from renewable energy sources. It shall also be reminded that the left out oil resources will get expired in approximately 36 years. What about our next generation?

Recent Statistics

One study from Finland found that India has the potential to use 100 % renewable energy by the year 2050. That’s a massive claim for such a large population, but the country is on the right track. For three quarters of 2017, India added more renewable than any other energy source, including two quarters where its thermal energy use decreased. Solar is the leading source, making up a massive 79 % of renewable added last year.

What is Green (Renewable) Energy?

Even though we frequently hear public conversing about green/renewable energy there are probably many of us who are still a bit puzzled as to what this exactly is. A simple way of describing what we are referring to here would be to say that this is a type of energy that we can generate using natural sources, like solar energy - the great thing about these natural sources such as solar power is that we don't have to worry about them running out any time soon.

Types of Renewable Energy

There are many popular ways of creating renewable energy. They are often talked about in the media and you may even have seen examples of these in actual use. Some of these renewable energy options have already been in use for a number of years while others are less well known. We will focus mostly on the following types of renewable energy:

  •  Solar Power and Panels
  •  Wind Power and Wind Turbines
  •  Biomass
  •  Hydrogen Energy


Advantages of Using Green Energy Resources

  •  It is relatively cheap to maintain and can provide energy for a long time.
  •  We can feel more confident about the future.
  •  Green energy resources can help humans reduce the damage that is being done to our planet and protect it for future generations.