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Sports - How important are they in an individual’s life?


Computers, Television, Video Games so on and so forth are all the best friends of everyone today. A Game of cricket, football or any sport for that matter, when played on a PlayStation or Xbox gives out a feeling of fun and excitement. Long gone are the days when a bat and ball was used to play a game of cricket. Today TV networks enjoy a larger target audience, when compared to a game played in a stadium. The sweat and blood shed out to win a game seems to have buried itself under a gaming console. On this National Sports Day, we would be more than honored to bring to you the importance and need of sports

From being just another time-killing activity to now being a career choice to many in our country, sports has now shown us the dawn of a new era of successful people. Several sportsman like, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Pankaj Advani, Stuart Binny etc., can be taken as living examples of the earlier statement. These individuals not only managed to engrave their names in our books of history but also went to inspire several aspiring individuals to pursue their profession of liking. Listed below are a few aspects, borrowed from an article published by and on the website of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Helps in building Self-Confidence
A fact that is extremely common in its advantageous fact, yet not spoken about widely and regularly. A subtle of appreciation or encouragement can engrave an everlasting boost in the confidence of a person. An appreciation during a jaw-dropping goal or an unbelievable save during a soccer game, adds the aspect of confidence in them. Furthermore, it acts as an agent of encouragement. They learn the importance of why a game should be played in its right spirit.

Assist them in learning and improving their Social Skills
Social aspects such as Team Work and Leadership, act as catalysts during the growth and development stage of an individual. Team Work when taken as an individual aspect of the discussion, helps in improving the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Leadership, on the other hand, teaches them the importance of why’s and how’s of being of a responsible individual. Both these aspects when blended together, help them in making lifelong friendships.

Teaches them the value in a win and the learnings in a loss
Ever game at its end takes with it home a winner and a loser. They should be taught the value in a win and the learnings a loss brings with it.  A win is the result of several hours of relentless training, at every hour in every day. A lose on the other hand brings with the painful aspect that, these several hours of training need not help in ending up on the winning side. 

Adds several aspects of discipline in their lives
Sport for that matter, brings with it a bag of disciplines. Integrity, Code of Conduct, Trustworthiness, Sincerity are a few given and well-known aspects of discipline taught and practiced by every sportsman and every individual today is taught the disciplines in a game, alongside the game as a whole.

The value a sport adds into an individual’s life can never be fully narrated or penned entirely, as every game brings with a set of values, learnings, laurels, ethics, integrity and so much more that can be spelled out in the form of words. The list can certainly get bigger, longer and times more colorful in its nature.

To instill these values and ethics in every individual, we at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) provides and encourages every sport that the students are passionate about.