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The Secret of Game Development - Think Different


Game theory deals with mathematical models for designing games. In every game, based on the actions performed and decisions made, there is either win or loss or tie among players. The main components of the game are its objectives, regulations, conventions, challenges, and interaction. It also involves mental or physical stimulation which boosts up sensing and thinking capabilities of the human. Game development also helps to improve practical skills, develops educational or psychological potential. It also serves as the digital entertainment platform. The interactive electronic game deals with a set of graphics, images, and audio. The first video games in 1960 were developed on mainframe computers and were not available for common man. Later, commercial games in 1970 were developed on consoles and home computers.

Game Development

Game development is a systematic procedure to create games using software platform. This is carried out by the team involving game developer, game engineers, designers, coders, project manager, and game tester.

Game Engineers - Constructs the overall structure and gameplay

Designers - Design the objects and animations

Coders - Implementation of game logic, score and other calculations

Project Manager - Manages and promotes the game

Game Tester - Tests the game to find bugs if any

Role of Game Developers

Game developers are the software developers one who create a game from scratch. The different responsibilities of game developers include programming, design, art & gameplay planning, testing, etc. Small games like puzzle, maze, Mario etc. can be developed by one or two individuals. But large games like GTA, IGI, NFS, and COD etc. are the result of an effort by a team of developers. It is good if developers have specialization in game developing software, gaming platforms, game consoles and animation software.

How to develop a Good Game?

To become a good game developer, it needs a lot of practise, ideas, and systematic approach. It is necessary to formulate a good plan for the game. The main challenges of game development are time is taken, budget, bugs. It is necessary for new game developers to formulate a clear goal and needs of the game.

Game Development Tools

  •  Unreal Engine - This is used to develop games for mobile, PC as well as console.
  •  Unity - This engine supports 2D and 3D game development on cross-platform for mobile.
  •  Corona SDK - It is a cross-platform 2D game development kit used on mobile platforms, Apple and Android TV.
  •  Lumberyard - This is free AAA game engine used for android, iOS, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  •  Cocos2D-x - It is a 2D game development kit for Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Blackberry mobile phones.
  •  Bonus - BuildBox - It is a 2D game development engine that allows users to build simple games without any code.
  •  Marmalade - This is used for games development and porting processes.
  •  Project Anarchy - This sis end-to-end game engine built mainly for mobile devices.
  •  WWISE - This is audio toll used to mix unique sounds. It can be integrated into other development tools such as Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and Marmalade.
  •  NextPeer - This is used to design multiplayer game on mobile. It supports synchronous and asynchronous gameplay.
  •  CocoonJS - This is used to test, deploy and monetize their HTML5 games across all mobile platforms.
  •  Haxe - It is an open-source, multi-platform programming language.
  •  Libgdx - This is Java game development framework for 2D and 3D games.
  •  SpriteKit - This is Apple’s proprietary 2D game development framework.
  •  CryEngine - It is a mobile game development engine used to create 3D games for Console and Window PC.
  •  Gideros - This is free, the open-source game developer that uses Lua scripting language.
  •  PowerVR Graphics SDK - It is cross-platform graphics development framework.
  •  Construct 2 - This game development tool is completely GUI-driven, meaning everything is drag-and-drop.
  •  Godot Engine - It supports the creation of both 2D and 3D games.
  •  Game Maker - This helps in creating 2D and 3D applications like multimedia tools, simulations, video games, various other software applications and virtual reality applications.
  •  GameFroot - This is online gaming tool with a community where game creators and enthusiasts can share ideas.
  •  Sploder - This is online gaming development tool for beginners to develop web-based games.
  •  Stencyl - This supports game development without coding.
  •  Flowlab - This is for online game development on Android, iOS, online, and windows.
  •  GameSalad - This is for beginners to create games easily and quickly.