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Upcoming and Trending: B.Sc. Honors in Forensic Science


Forensic science has become a pivotal dimension of the criminal justice system. The recent surge in the popularity of crime drama shows has drawn people’s attention to a very off-beat and contemporary career option and that is a forensic expert. Though these shows are far from accurate in portraying the discipline, they do highlight the wide range of roles that are available within the area. Forensic science is a highly interdisciplinary area that utilizes the elements of chemistry and biology, along with engineering and computer science to assist investigative agencies or bodies with solving criminal cases. The common practices include DNA testing, trace evidence evaluation, firearms and objects examination, fire and explosives examination, handwriting analysis, toxicology, and digital evidence evaluation.

If science as a subject appeals to you, and if you have a passion for solving criminal cases then forensic science is just the field for you. Forensic experts use their knowledge in science to identify criminals and examine the evidence against them; they are detectives who operate from their labs. Also known as a criminalist, forensic experts may not be exactly as they appear in your favorite crime show dramas, but they do play a crucial role in an investigation. Below mentioned are some of their tasks:

  • They collect physical evidence such as blood, hair samples, and other trace evidence at crime scenes and send it to labs for examination
  • They analyze and examine physical evidence
  • They provide expert forensic testimony that plays a crucial role during trials
  • They bring to use chemical and biological techniques to examine the evidence and then document their observations about the same
  • They prepare reports based on their findings and provide expert opinions to investigators to guide them in the right direction
  • They apply reasoning and scientific knowledge to analyze every piece of evidence so that their testimony holds up in court

Reasons to Study B.Sc. Honors in Forensic Science:

Fascinating Line of Work: A B.Sc. degree in Forensic Science could help you land a job profile where each day is different from the previous ones. Dealing with unusual situations, carrying out complex evaluations, and using critical thinking to uncover hidden clues will be a part of your daily routine. Every investigation and a crime scene will bring something different to the table. Some days you will be visiting a crime scene to collect evidence, and on the other days, you will be in the lab analyzing the collected evidence. You will be reconstructing crime scenes based on your scientific observations, so your everyday work life will be anything, but boring.

Contribute to Society: As a forensic expert, you will be able to contribute to public safety by facilitating the capture of criminals. Pursuing B.Sc. in Forensic Science will bring you to a position where you will be able to support victims of crime and their families through your specialized skills. The recent developments in forensic science have managed to solve cases that were cold for many years.

Diverse Learning: Forensic Science is an amalgamation of several other disciplines like chemistry, biology, engineering, dentistry, toxicology, etc, The program is designed to make you proficient in communication, numeracy, reporting, analysis, data interpretation, and presentation skills.

Career Opportunities: The scope of B.Sc. in Forensic Science is vast. The popular job roles include crime scene investigator, DNA or drugs expert, toxicologists, criminal intelligence analysts, fingerprint officers, etc. The role of a forensic expert requires precise skills and knowledge, thus its earning potential is quite high.

Passion for Science: The individuals who are passionate about science, forensic science is the best field for them. Being a forensic professional requires a strong interest in science as the role is all about knowing and applying scientific techniques. It is the best way to gain access to some of the most advanced scientific equipment available. This is a dream job for individuals who have always wished to work in a lab discovering modern scientific practices and technologies.