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When creativity speaks louder than words


21-year-old management graduate, Sumukh Mehta, has lately grabbed eyes and attention for landing an internship at the GQ Magazine, solely on the basis of a unique resume – no interview or contest – but a direct entry to walk down the corridor of the organization that he always dreamt to be part of. Read on to know more about this young accomplisher.

When you are absolutely certain about your agenda and all your acts are driven by your passion, the line of dilemma blurs and you become successful in living your dream – these words, no matter how romanticized may sound, has come to pass for 21-year-old Sumukh Mehta, an alumni of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) - Center for Management Studies, Bengaluru, as he landed his dream job at one of the world’s leading men’s fashion journal, GQ Magazine, without an interview. All credit goes to his ‘oh-so-creative’ magazine resume that not only managed to attract the attention of the Editor-in-Chief of British HQ, Mr. Dylan Jones but also shot him to fame overnight, as social media went gaga with it.

Creative minds never falter in trespassing the unknown zone and break new grounds in order to find its niche, and keeping this mantra deeply entrenched in his mind, Sumukh trod on a path that was untouched and unexplored hitherto. His 20-page magazine resume emulated all designing components of that of original GQ Magazine and features all his credentials and experiences in an artistic way.

“It took me 3 weeks to make the whole resume which included graphic design, photoshoot and the content for the resume. I got the whole resume printed exactly like the Original British GQ, making sure that the quality of the page matches the original GQ,” said Sumukh.

While marketing and entrepreneurship from his core area of interest, this young dynamo has also managed to establish and run his own startup before landing this internship and has made 160 infographic resume for MBA students in Bengaluru.

“Sumukh was one of those students who has always been clear about his aspiration and focused to transform his idea into reality,” says Sunitha BK, HoD (BBA) at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) - Center for Management Studies. “We always take a special interest in the core areas of each student and personally mentor them to attain success through their individual talents,” she added.

While Sumukh’s talent and flair for creativity have helped in transforming his life magically, institutions that help talents like his to foster and prosper, play an equally key role to lay the foundational path for such success.

“Academic curriculum structure should be aligned to the contemporary industrial need. Management syllabus is now devised in a way that not only hones the skills of students but also makes them aware of the latest industrial trend and thereby boosts their alacrity to find their own niche,” said Dinesh Nilkant, Director at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) - CMS. “A group of students at CMS has proposed and initiated an entrepreneurship program, called ‘Self-start’, which is built with the sole concept of promoting innovative enterprising ideas, and Sumukh has been one of those students. He has always been determined about his aim and clear about his ideas and that is how it has helped him,” he added.

Inner Page of Sumukh Mehta's Resume
While Sumukh’s mentors lauded him for his self-driven attitude, his friends cheered that he really is a go-getter who deserved this opportunity in every way. “To get here you have to think out-of-the-box and it’s really a proud moment for all of us who have been associated with Sumukh for a long time and it feels great to see him shining,” said his friend and alumni of CMS, Shahrukh Sait.

As outlandish as it may appear, but this Magnus opus of this young management student has to turn out to be unique and highly inspiring for all the creative souls wondering how to land their dream gigs. “I would like to give them a sincere piece of advice - Do not worry if you get a job without any pay, you’re learning something wherever you go. Do not concentrate on earning money but concentrate on spending your time on networking. That's what is going to matter at the end of the day,” opined Sumukh.

The 20-page resume contains everything from a striking cover page to a picturesque table of content to a defining editor’s note – all set and styled in a typical layout as popularly seen in magazines. And while skimming through the snazzy pages of this GQ-modelled resume, his credentials, versatility, experiences, and hobbies all appear in such an appealing manner that it’s hard to leave it unnoticed.

As this young achiever heads to tread the much-anticipated path of his career, with a mind full of vision and ideas, he asserts that although it is just the stepping stone the experience has certainly boosted his confidence and “This part of life, is called happiness”, he proclaims.