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7th Go Green day celebration

About the Event

School of Interior Design, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is organizing 7th Go green day. The main objective of celebrating this day is to create awareness about the earth and to cherish the Greenery we are blessed with as this is one of the most important social responsibilities which every individual should be aware about. The highlights of this celebration are students delivering messages about significance of the day. A flash mob to entertain the viewers, Street play etc., and exhibition. Throughout these years Jain (Deemed-to-be University) has taken up the initiative and organized activities which relate the Go Green Day.

The Events conducted are:

  • Planting saplings at JIRS
  • A Rally started from our college and walked till town hall.
  • Planting saplings at Mini forest JP nagar
  • We are proud to divulge that we were permitted to paint BBMP wall and one of the wall was painted by School of Interior Design students. Above mentioned are some of the events which took place in Jain (Deemed-to-be University) throughout this year. 

Main cause of celebrating Go Green Day:
Go Green event helps to make schools and colleges sustainable. By celebrating this day, we intend to students and colleagues in schools and colleges to learn about importance that should be given to our environment. We should try to reduce our non – eco - friendly activities and imperatively plant as many saplings as we can and save water. These are the two issues that need to be addressed.

Environment safety and making it green is an urgent need of today. We need to restore the naturality speeder than we have destroyed it. Misbalancing the natural cycle of the environment is leading towards the destruction of life from this planet. It is very necessary to understand the importance of healthy environment by not cutting trees, reduce the pollution and maintain greenery of earth. We just need to plant more and more trees. This is our motherland, which only gives us and nothing takes back from us, and it is our responsibility to save and protect our motherland.

  1. Save Earth to save many lives.
  2. Forests are Green, Oceans are Blue, and Keep the Earth clean for me and you.
  3. Think globally, act locally. 

Social Awareness