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A One-Day Seminar on Kashmir Shaivism

About the Event

School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) in collaboration with Kashmir Ashram Institute is organizing a one-day seminar on Kashmir Shaivism on 22 April 2017. The scholars from all over the country have been invited to speak on the topic.

The inauguration of the program will begin with Guru Vandana which will be followed by registration of participants.

The seminar incorporates four sessions along with paper presentations.

The first session will preside over by Dr. Meera Chakavarthy in which following topics are discussed:
  • Principle Features of Kashmir Shaivism
  • Concept of Svatantra in Kashmir Shaivism
  • New Book Release Pratibhigyahridyam
The Second session will preside over by Dr. Ramakant Agniras in which following topics are covered:
  • Kashmir Shaivism - An overview
  • The concept of Authenticity of the work: Advaitavada and Kashmir Shaivism
  • DVD playback - Shaivacharya Swami Lakshmajoo Maharaj
  • Bhagwadgita - Commentary by Abhinavagupta
The third session will preside over by Dr. Srinivasa Varkhede. The topics discussed are:
  • Jaishankar ke kavya mein Kashmir shiva darshan ya anandvad
  • Philosophy of Sadhna and Shiv Samadhi
  • Shaivism: A boon of Shankaracharya to Mankind
  • DVD playback- Shaivacharya Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj

The fourth session will be comprised of presentations by beginners/students.