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An event by 'Dell Futurists' - an initiative for the college youth inspiring them about the new-age careers

You would agree that for most of us, work is a necessity. Yet, work isn't just about money but also finding fulfillment, creativity, and meaning.

To work is to expend energy and creativity in building a career that’s exciting and fruitful! The youth only need to carry the correct tools and skills into the future even as the world changes in a split second! To ignite the passion for work and surge a new wave of creative careers, we present an event like no other: Dell Futurists — an initiative for the college youth dedicated to inspire them through captivating talks by new-age career gurus.

Through Dell Futurists, we bring inspirational stories on an interactive platform directly to the students. These speakers from diverse disciplines and work cultures will share stories that will inspire, change attitudes, and instigate a techno-creative rebellion in your students. From Vloggers (video-bloggers) to radio jockeys (RJs) and even Data scientists — Dell Futurists brings speakers from careers that are alternative, creative and rooted in technology.

Ms. Scherezade Shroff, Indian Vlogger, is the guest of the day who will be addressing the students at the Dell Futurists event.