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Gear Up Students, It’s time for MUNagi 2020!

The MUN Forum at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is hosting the 1st Flix edition of MUN-MUNagi 2020 on 24 October 2020.  

The world is now a global village where the young and talented prepare to take on the future with gusto. Known as Model UN, it is a simulation of an actual UN conference where students come together to don the leadership hat, exploring and imploring the possibilities that await them in the global arena. 

MUNagi 2020 brings a twist with an intriguing blend of words, MUN + Unagi (which is a famous catchphrase from the classic and evergreen sitcom “Friends”), this event will host a professional level debate with 5-6 exciting and student-based committees shedding light on diverse agendas and themes.  

Here is an opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey by becoming a member of the Executive Board committee of MUNagi 2020. 

Click here to submit your application.

Please send in your application latest by 25 September 2020. 

For detailed information regarding the events and programs, please download the official poster attached below.