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Jain (Deemed-to-be University)'s School of Commerce Studies is to Organize a one-day National Conference on 'Future of Work -The New Realities'

About the Event

Jain (Deemed-to-be University)'s School of Commerce Studies will be organizing a one-day national conference on 'Future of Work -The New Realities' in association with iNurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on 28 February 2018 in the college premises.

For the conference, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) invites academicians, research scholars, students, entrepreneurs, industry practitioners, policymakers and consultants to submit their papers of original contribution based on applications/ research/ survey/ practices related to theme and sub-themes mentioned below:

Future of Work -The New Realities


  • Technology and its impact on the different roles/jobs in the functional areas of Management - Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, Taxation, etc.
  • Changing jobs and its impact on various segments of society
  • New realities of work and its impact on the regional and global economy
  • Key trends impacting work - its managerial challenges and implications
  • Alternative work arrangements
  • Technological innovation and skill divide
  • Initiatives in bridging skill gaps - perspectives at national and regional level
  • Communication trends at organization level - challenges and implications
  • Technological innovation and job disruption
  • Trends that are changing work - and the role educators play in shaping them
  • Business in the 'next machine age'
  • Staying safe in an interconnected future
  • Adopted, adapted and abandoned work practices in the future
  • Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work
  • Preparing business for the future of jobs at risk of automation
  • Next: A jobless future or the golden age of job creation?
  • Rise of the just-in-time workforce
  • The emotional toll on being replaced by artificial intelligence
  • Social trends impact on leadership at workplaces
  • The “dark side” of digitization in the future of work
  • The shift in HR practices in planning for a blended workforce
  • Agile approach to recruit and develop employees
  • Applying a consumer marketing lens to HR
  • AI, augmentation, and bots in HR
  • Gig economy and the future of work


The core objectives of the conference:

  • To deliberate on jobs and industries which are likely to see the greatest changes, and what are the implications for different economies around the globe
  • To discuss the skills that future workers will require
  • To identify the greatest skill gaps and its significance for education and training priorities across different economies, for both individuals and policy-makers, as means of encouraging job growth
  • Elaborate on the resulting challenges for defining employer/employee relationships, and predict the most effective regulatory regimes for managing this shift
  • To determine how the technological trends are changing the way labor markets work and what are the drivers and policy implications of the emerging economies
  • To predict the management challenges faced due to the changing work trends across the globe.
  • To explore technological trends and how they are reshaping the future of work, forecasting key areas of job disruption and evaluating ways in which policy and business leaders can adopt regulatory and economic frameworks in response.


Important Dates:
- Absrtact Submission:30 December 2017
- Abstract Approval: 5 January 2018
- Full paper submission: 25 January 2018
- Full paper approval: 30 January 2018

Registration Fees:
- General/Industry Professionals: INR 1000/-
- Academicians and Research Scholars: INR 500/-
- Students: INR 300/-

- Registration fee includes conference volume, kit, lunch, and coffee/ tea/ snacks
- Registration fee should be paid by the way of Demand Draft in favor of “Jain (Deemed-to-be University)” payable at Bengaluru,
  Karnataka State, India.
*T&C Apply