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National Level Conference on Psychology in the Transforming World

About the Event

Department of Psychology, School of Sciences is going to organize a two-day national conference on ‘Psychology in the Transforming World’ on 9 – 10 March 2018 in the college premises.

Change is the only constant, although may not be so evident in this transforming world. Those who are most aware of this are psychologists because they are in the best position to understand the strengths of human potential vis-a-vis their surroundings and they address the challenges and effects of change.

Being human is more about becoming, facing the challenges and transforming themselves, keeping abreast of the changes. This conference, provides a forum to highlight the challenges, problems and solutions in the various fields of human endeavor and the role psychologists can play. It is an event bringing forth a great occasion for training, learning and enrichment.

With the panel discussion, colloquium and workshops, it envisages to usher in an opportunity of collaboration, harmony and unity and diversity through knowledge sharing. Thus, it is an event with futuristic orientations for the young students, researchers, academicians, professionals, etc. This conference will provide a vision intended to inspire others to help build an understanding of how best to facilitate individual, community, organizational and societal flourishing.