JAIN University Events

Upanishad, A spontaneous dialogue with Sahaj Smriti Yog Guru

The event Upanishad aims to connect the virtues of spirituality with young minds. The teachings of modern education often overlook to develop the true potential of youth through spiritual knowledge, hence Upanishad is a platform through which the students will learn to discover the inner strengths of their minds.

Organized by the School of Commerce, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) in association with Darpan Foundation, the event will explore the roots of ancient Vedas and Scriptures teaching the youth to overcome challenges by evoking eternal consciousness. The students will also learn about the power of meditation, boundless spirit and compassion which will give their life a valuable holistic meaning.

Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari, Propounder of Sahaj Smriti Yog will be the key speaker, and the event will also be presided by the Honorable Member of Parliament of Bengaluru (South), Shri Tejasvi Surya.