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Workshop on The craft of science communication Modules

About the Event

The Department of Life Science at the School of Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is organizing a workshop on Science Communication on the 20 July 2019. The workshop will be conducted by the science-writer Dr. Anusha Krishnan. The workshop aims to create a generation of writers who will effectively bridge the gap between the lab and the layman. In an era of rapid dissemination of false information and friction between traditional and modern cultural practices, there is an intense need for translating the rapidly accruing base of empirical knowledge in to something comprehensible to the general public. Individuals participating in knowledge generation, especially in the life sciences, have a duty to make the masses understand the significance and application of their work. This workshop will bring together enthusiastic and budding minds from different colleges in Bengaluru under a common roof to impart the necessary skills for translating scientific research papers in to a form of easily palatable science.

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