Cultural Procession

a) The Cultural Procession is the additional event and results/marks of Cultural Procession/March Past (along with other events) will be counted for Overall Championship Trophy. The participation in Cultural Procession is mandatory for all participating universities. In this event, all the members of a contingent will take part to represent culture of their state. There will be two types of participation in Cultural Procession i.e.

  1. Introductory Participation

    All those participating universities who are not giving any performance/activity in Cultural Procession will be considered under “Introductory Participation”. Before the last performance (of Host team/university), all the participants of Introductory Participation will come in a group and the Presenter/Anchor will announce the names of universities and Vice Chancellor.

  2. Performance Participation (Demonstration/Performance of Cultural Troops)

    The Presenter/Anchor will announce the name of the performing university at the time of entry in Cultural Procession with a “Good Note and name of the Vice Chancellor.

b) The Cultural Procession has to be organized on inaugural day before the formal inaugural ceremony. The Team Managers/Contingent in-charges have to compulsorily deposit two flags of their respective university, at the desk near the registration desk. The flags will be hoisted on a pole (before the beginning of the procession) and the Ideal size of the flag is 6' x 4'.

The contact number of responsible/contact person may be shared with the team official for returning before the departure of the teams.

c) The Host University will arrange for the following flags from their end –

  1. One Flag with AIU logo for hoisting at cultural procession ground (size 6' x 4').
  2. One flag having AIU logo and the host University logo on each side, to be used during the flag off at the beginning of the procession, size 5' x 2'5” or 3'
  3. Two Host University flags :
    1. One for hoisting at cultural procession ground, along with flags of other participating universities and AIU flag, size 6' x 4'
    2. One host university flag for procession, size 5' x 2'5” or 3'

d) The flags of the Host University and AIU shall be hoisted nearest to the stage of main venue of cultural procession / in the middle and will have taller poles than rest of the participating University flags.

e) Flag Poles to be provided by the Host University to all contingents for them to carry and display the flag during the Procession (before the beginning of the procession).

f) Previous year's overall winner university (in Cultural Procession competition) should lead the procession and the host university shall be the last. The rest of the sequence will be as per decided in the Manager's meet through Draw of Lots.

g) The Procession can be 1-2 kms long or more (depending on the space available with the host university) and a stage to be provided at one point (towards the end), for the teams to showcase their cultural performance for 3-5 mnts.

h) The participating university may bring a banner of university (not mandatory) with preferable measurement of 10'x3' which may be carried by the contingent during the cultural procession.

i) The procession starts with the 'Flag Off' at the beginning, on a raised dais/platform. Flag Off will be done by Chief Guest/Invited Guests and AIU Officials/Vice Chancellor of the University/AIU Observer/University Management/Authority in presence of all the Contingents.

j) The judgement of the performances will start from the very beginning when the procession starts till the time the Procession is declared to be finished officially. Hence the host university has to make provisions for Golf Cart/ vehicles for the judges to see the procession and performance accordingly.

k) Recorded music is allowed for the cultural procession performances. The host university shall arrange provision for performing universities, with proper music/sound system for different types of devices and may collect the recorded track/piece in advance at registration/reception desk with storage provision/arrangement. Host University shall be responsible for ensuring smooth presentation of each team.