Kaunain Abbas

Kaunain Abbas is being hailed as the “Next Big Thing” of Indian cricket after his pulsating batting displays during the Toyota University Cricket Championship. Adjudged as the “Player of the Series” for his batting pyrotechnics in the tournament, this youngster is a future superstar in the making.

An MBA student of Jain (Deemed-to-be University), Kaunain’s performances has helped his team immensely in winning the Toyota University Cricket Championship. It is not an easy task to come out of the talent pool that is University Cricket and be the shining light, but Kaunain has done it with élan. “University cricket is a lot more popular now and there is plenty of expectation. I was thrown into the spotlight,” said Abbas, adding, “I'm doing something right, so I have to continue and not pressure myself."

His dexterity with the bat was visible to all when he piled up an unbeaten 128, JU’s top score in the TUCC event against VBS University Jaunpur. Kaunain said the biggest change in his career over the past year has been his positive attitude. “I attended a workshop conducted by Ian Faria few years ago. I knew my technique was not a problem and that if I wanted to be more successful, I had to change my thought process and enjoy the game more,” said the tall youngster.

Abbas video

"Faria's motivational talks inspired me and although not overnight, there was a significant change in my approach to batting and my life in general. My hunger for the game gradually increased and I am a lot more confident off the ground too," he added. His batting exploits at the university level has fast-tracked his way to the Karnataka team as well, "University cricket, I thought, would be a good platform, but I never thought that through this tournament I would get a chance to play for the state senior team so fast."

Ashwini Ganig