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4th National HR Conference on "HR 360-Talent, Technology and Ideas"

Jain (Deemed-to-be University)’s School of Commerce Studies organized the 4th National HR Conference on HR 360-Talent, Technology and Ideas on 28 February 2019.Keynote speaker of the session was Ms. Vaijayanthi, General Manager HR, Samsung.

She mentioned that the perception of millennials is different from the other generations. She said that the millennial generation expects the value system rather than looking for the organization, Salary and other perspectives. The millennial expectation relay on employee engagement and value retention.

The topic for the plenary session was Evolution and Revolution of Talented workforce entering the future workplace Are we ready?

Modulator - Prof. Punith Raj, Co-coordinator, BMS, Dr. Rajdeep K Manwani

The speakers of the plenary session were


Mr.Naga Siddharth
He shared his views on millennial workforce and he mentioned there is a difference in people perception. As the generation changes, there is a change in maintenance cost as well. He said “Millennials get to do what they love to do”. 

Dr.Subramani Ramakrishnan
He discussed about the Genetic diversity in HR and there is a connection and understanding between Generation X and Generation Z.

He emphasizes on the disruptive talent requisition in workforce. He also said the skills required should be technology updates and innovation.

Mr.Shama Sundar
He emphasized on HR and Analytics. He also said there should be awareness on design thinking and learning of new paradigms with the in depth search knowledge. 

Major Bhargava
He shared knowledge on the Psychological Progress, Economical Progress, and Technological Progress for HR