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A Panel Discussion on Democracy in the 21st Century Issues and Challenges

The Jain (Deemed-to-be University) in collaboration with Lokniti-CSDS and the global Barometer Surveys organized a panel discussion on Democracy in the 21st Century – Issues and Challenges on 3 March 2017.

Taking advantage of the presence of the Directors of the Regional Barometer Surveys, the Panel discussion was an attempt to present the status of democracy in different parts of the World. The Global Barometer Survey is the first ever global survey of citizen attitudes and perspectives on democracy.

The speakers at the panel discussion included Dr. Marta Lagos from the Latino Barometer, Dr. Christian Haerper from the Eura Asia Barometer, Dr. Michael Bratton from the Afrobarometer, Dr. Krishna Hachhethu from the South Asia Barometer and Dr. Yun Han Chu from the East Asia Barometer.

Dr. Marta Lagos drew attention to the unhappiness with the working of democracy in most Latin American countries and linked the same to the rates of economic development in those societies.

Dr. Haerper pointed out to the consolidation of democracy in some countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and also drew attention to the stagnation and reversal of processes in other democracies of the region.

Dr. Michael Bratton outlined the linkages between supply and demand for democracy in African countries and its wider implications.

Dr. Krishna Hachhethu dwelt at length on the paradoxes in South Asia and the dissatisfaction with the working of democracy in the region.

Dr. Yunhan Chu drew attention to the wide range of responses to the working of democracy in East Asia.

Dr. Suhas Palshikar from Lokniti-CSDS welcomed the gathering and outlined the framework for the panel discussion and Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Pro Vice Chancellor, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) proposed the vote of thanks.

The Panel discussion was followed by a short question and answer session in which members of the audience actively participated.