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A Session on Aeromodelling


Jain (Deemed-to-be University) ’s Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a talk on Aeromodelling on 27 August 2018 for all the faculties, HOD, and students of III, V and VII semester.

The talk was delivered by Mr. Panade Vivek (CEO and Co-Founder Indian Aero Shastra (IAS)) and his team members. The main objective of the event was to understand the concepts of Aero-modelling, Aerodynamics, Avionic systems, FPV Systems, Robot mechanisms, Robot wire connections, circuits, etc.

Mr. Panade Vivek emphasized on theory and design session which made the students understand the concept of developing an aircraft. Different type of aerodynamic and structural feature was discussed in the session. He also explained about five different programs in Indian Aero Shastra which are mentioned below

The five different programs in IAS:

1. Aeromodelling

2. Advanced aeromodelling

3. Robotics

4. IC Engine Assembly and Disassembly

5. Arduino programming