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A Session on 'Crenovation' by B.Sc. Interior Design Students for BA Students

As a part of Share your Knowledge series, the students of B.Sc. Interior Design, Faculty of Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized a session on 'Crenovation' for BA students on 12 August 2017 in the college premises.

Beginning the session with an introduction on interior designing, students stated that, decoration and design are two different sectors which exist hand in hand and are based on the 'ambience' which actually matters in designing the interior of a building. They also spoke about the importance of creativity that influences a designer which is coined as 'Crenovation'.

The presenters brought up the idea of 4 square concept which gave an impression to the participants of how task processes were carried out in designing and the challenges that designers face.

During the session, the audience was asked to perform a task wherein they had to present a figure through which 4 equal halves must be constructed. The figure was difficult to understand and interpret to bring out a solved problem. This work out of the brain made the participants more interested in knowing unknown facts about the design sector, especially the interior designing part.

The other thing that caught the attention of the crowd is the ability to use old products or used products to create something new or a product that can be used in decoration. In the session, a new perspective was shown to the people wherein the old waste products such as thrown away tire and wood could be recycled to create a beautiful new thing that could be used in decorating the rooms within a building. This is explained as contemporary style in the interior designing. The ultimate result was to bring up the clear picture of how the concept of creativity matters. The example of 'Starbucks' in Amsterdam supported this statement as the interior of the building was decorated with the use of old oak boxes.

During the session, another new concept of home automation was also introduced to the audience. The session enlightened the audience with the idea of making anything automated such as lights and lamps with a timer capable of switching on and off on its own as well as temperature controllers that set the room temperature accordingly through the connected Wi-Fi system.

In the session, students also focused on the storage space and opined that one could save storage space with innovative ideas. The retractable television was the example that supported their statement which made the audience more curious in getting enlightened with more ideas while designing a home.

The 'Fiber-optic' was another fascinating idea wherein one could let the natural light lighten up the entire room which drew the attention of the audience.

The session was informative with insightful ideas which made everyone curious. Questions were shot to the presenters making the session more interactive. The audience applauded at the end of the presentation and felt overwhelmed with all the knowledge and creative ideas.