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A Session on Importance of Technique in Interior Designing

The Session on ‘The Importance of Workmanship and Technique in Interior Designing’ organized by the Student Career Advisory and Placement Service team was a grand success. The Interior Designing students enjoyed the interesting session to the fullest which was handled by Mr. Hamsavardhan, Founder & Principal Designer at Esthete Design Studio. A lot of things were discussed by Mr. Hamsavardhan which were like heads-up to the students to take back home and implement in their own work in future. Some of the highlights of the session are listed below.

Fundamental characteristics required to be an interior designer: An interior designer should have the urge to learn, be very patient, has to be interactive, etc.

Creativity in Communication & Presentation: An interior designer should have the creativity in presenting his idea so that he is able to convince his clients on the ideas. People come from different backgrounds so everyone's likes are different so an interior designer should be capable for presenting his designs and ideas to the clients in such a way that he is able to convince them.

How to understand the design requirement: An example was given to explain this saying that, in case, a furniture should be designed then first thing to think about is about the kind of wood required, the quantity required, its durability, etc.

Time Management for projects: In Construction field the work should be completed within the time frame confirmed. Any delay will only lead to dissatisfaction on the client side. In Interior designing, since it includes work which is usually time consuming one should be very conscious about the time, prioritize work and manage time efficiently.

How to interact with the client and how to get the work done from the laborers: It’s all about communication for an interior designer this was explained through an example saying in case a furniture should be designed this the design should be presented to the client first, seek their approval, and of course they have suggestions which will have to be included and the design should be explained to the carpenter who is actually going to do that work. They should be informed in the way they understand and work should be extracted in a perfect way so the output furniture comes out as planned.

Importance of Aesthetics for B.Sc. ID: Aesthetics is appreciation of beauty, an interior designer should have the quality to appreciate beauty that's when he or she will able to design things that will be pleasing the clients. Interests in colors and how color combinations make a difference in making products very appealing.

Explained in detail about how to choose wood for various interiors: There are more than 40,000 types of woods. Wood in general is classified into soft wood and hard wood. The technicalities of understanding the use of the wood. Technicalities of studying the age of the wood was explained.