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An Insight into The National Education Policy

School of Commerce, Faculty Research Cell, Samshodhana, Jain (Deemed-to-be -University) organized a webinar on “National Education Policy: Moving Towards Implementation” on October 11, 2020.

The resource person for the event was Dr. Manasa Naghabhushan. She enlightened the participants on various aspects of the National Education Policy 2020, and the structural changes required for applying of the policy at the institutional level. She highlighted the importance of deciding upon the changes to be brought about at the Institutional level and how the under graduation program under the guidelines of the policy to become a terminal program so that students could shift colleges based on the credits they accumulate in the Academic Bank of Credit.

She also discussed implementing a multidisciplinary educational approach, continuous professional development of the faculty by the institutions, and setting up a national research foundation to facilitate research that can establish linkages between researchers, government, and industry. Dr. Manasa also spoke about how the institutions should take up the government initiatives and move ahead with available existing resources focussing on faculty, students, and internal stakeholders to benefit all classes of the society.

The webinar was highly insightful and provided a platform for sharing and learning of knowledge, new ideas, and concepts of the “National Education Policy”.