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Anveshana 2016, the inter-collegiate fest which took place at Jain (Deemed-to-be University) was a grand success

Anveshana, an intra-collegiate cultural fest which was organized exclusive for freshers by the Cultural, Commerce, Management, and the IT Forum of the School of Commerce Studies, Jain (Deemed-to-be University). Anveshana took place on August 11th, 2016. Various events were conducted by the forums to find the best talent among the freshers crowd. Both off stage and on stage events were conducted. The on stage events of the Cultural Forum were, Mr. & Miss. Anveshana (Personality Hunt), Jain Idol (Singing Competition) and Dance Solo.

The fest was designed so that the freshers of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) could get a feel of their new college life and get accustomed to their new surroundings. This also acts like a platform for the freshers to interact with their fellow batch mates. The events were designed in such a way that we could get the best out of every individuals. The events tested the students to various levels of stress management, creativity and pushes their limit.

The fest was inaugurated in the presence of the Director, Dr. BA Vasu, Dr. BT Venkatesh, Department Heads, and the Coordinators of the various forums. We started off the fest, with the lighting of the lamp, followed by an inaugural song and a classical dance performance.

The judges for the On-stage and Off-stage events are popular celebrities, in house faculty members and Alumni of SCS, Jain (Deemed-to-be University).”

The fest concluded with the valedictory for which the Cultural Forum had gotten a chief guest, Mr. Sanchari Vijay, a popular actor in the Kannada Film Industry. He has also won a National Film Award for Best Actor. The winners of the various events were award on behalf of the forum, and were facilitated by our Chief Guest, and Director."

Anveshana is the first Intra-collegiate Fresher's fest organized by The Commerce and Management Forum in coordination with the Cultural forum and Kraft IT (IT forum). The fest marks the welcoming of the fresher's into the prestigious university. Few of the competitions held under the commerce fest are:

  • Best Manager - Best manager being the crown of Anveshana, is the highlight of the event. The managers had to go through 12 vigorous rounds and in the decider they were adjudicated by Anand Prakash M S, Darpan Shukla and Shray Agarwal. The Best Manager for the year 2016 was Karunya Sateesh. The new addition to the trophies is a Rolling trophy which was given to the Best Manager.
  • Marketing - The participants had to discover their creative side by strategizing various campaigns and use the marketing tools in the best and the creative way possible. The most creative minds were Philip M John and Sushmitha C S which was judged by Rohit Rammurthy and Kundan Sethi.
  • Human Resources - The participants were introduced to the techniques of managing one of the most important resources of an organization, i.e. Human resources in the corporate world on a smaller scale. The finals were judged by Varun Raghavendran and Shraddha Warrior. The victory was embraced by Karunya Sateesh and Philip John.
  • Public Relations - The participants had to project their communication skills in the 10 rounds designed concentrating on all aspects under Public relations. The skills were appreciated by Chirag Khandelwal and Sujith Sukumar. The title was secured by Karunya Sateesh and Philip John.
  • Entrepreneurship Development - The participants were put through real life scenarios that an entrepreneur goes through in order to bring out their entrepreneurial skills and test their potential in the best utilization of their skills which was analyzed by Vineet Vaishnav and Nikhil Rathod. The victorious entrepreneurs were Karunya Sateesh and Sushmita C S.
  • Finance & Strategy - The event mainly dealt with the strategizing and managing the monetary resources in the best possible way. The 10th and the final round was evaluated by Anuj Tater and Vineet Vaishnav. The successful strategists were Karunya Sateesh and Aditya Ramesh.
  • Technical - The participants had to project a glimpse of the current techno-freak era which was assessed by EN Vishal Patel and Asha P. The tech- freak for the year 2016 was Ashuthosh A Kumar.
  • Business Quiz - The 6 rounds of quiz was a test of knowledge of the individuals in the business environment. The quiz master for the final was Vineet Vaishnav. The best quizzers on the stage for the year 2016 were Adithya Ramesh and Akshay V.

Each round for all the events was designed by highly experienced festers of The Commerce and Management Forum, which witnessed the students pushing themselves to their highest potentials.

We as 2nd years were fortunate enough to be a part of this extravagant fresher's fest, Anveshana 2016 which marked our journey from a participant to a member of The Commerce and Management forum which also gave us an insight on organizing one of the most awaited events of the academic year. Anveshana re-defined the meaning of TEAM as, Together Everyone Achieves More. Through this event we have imbibed the confidence and skills to continue the legacy that was left behind for us from the forum Alumni's.

The past one month has taught us "Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean".

The list of winners and runner-ups of Anveshana 2016

Treasure hunt Shahid & Nahil – B.Com G & H Rohan & Vaibhav - BCA B
Technical Amogha - BMS FS C Ashutosh – B.Com H
JAM Sakshi Solanki - BMS FS Niketshyam - B.Com K
Spotlight Ummesalma – B.Com G Sakshi Solanki- BMS FS
Pot Pourri Tasneem BMS IB B
Nikitha B.Com (Prof) B
Sushmitha B.Com (Prof) B
Ashwin – B. Com G
Thaman – B. Com G
Ummesalama – B.Com G
Drawing / Sketching / Painting: Sooraj- BSC animation
Justice - BCA C
Nahil- B.Com H
Javed- B.Com H
60 seconds to fame Subhadeep - BCA A Tejaswi – B.Com G
Instrumental Solo Abhilash – B.Com K  
Antaakshari Aarya - BMS IB A
Bubli - BMS IB A
Diya- BMS IB A
Shraddha – B.Com B
Sushmtha- B.Com B
Tasneem - BMS IB B
Beat boxing Albin – Animation Baghat – B.Com
Cooking without fire Bhavana – B.Com H
Preethi- B.Com H
Deepthi – B.Com G
Varija- Bcom G
Rangoli Bhagyalakshmi
Preethi - BMS IB B
Ambikaishwarya- BMS FS C
Public Speaking Sheetal - Animation Pradeep - BCA C

Mr. & Miss. Anveshana Kevin- B.Com K
Sakshi - BMS FS C
Rohan - BCA B
Sheetal - Animation
Dance Solo Haritha- BCA B Nadar- B.Com F
Jain Idol Hiranmayee- BMS IB A Srikanta KA- BCA A