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Community-Based Research: Placing Community Partnerships at the Forefront

Community-based researches are systematic and organized practices that play an integral role in sociology. In this webinar organized by the Department of Sociology at School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Jain (Deemed-to-be University), the host spoke about how active involvement of organizational representatives, community members, and researchers enhances the understanding of a given phenomenon and supports the integration of the knowledge. He also highlighted how researchers can create a better research design as this style of participation ensures that the actual needs and views of the population in focus are taken into account. The gathering also rendered insights into diverse forms of communities and the process of researching them along with an outline on the various aspects of Participatory Action Research.

Presented by: Retd. Professor Dr.P.S.Vivek has over two decades of experience in teaching Sociology at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Mumbai. He is the recipient of the Indo-Shastri Canadian Institute International Fellowship (2007) and has presented 62 research papers in National and 16 International seminars, conferences and has published 29 articles in several prestigious journals and magazines. He is involved in several NGOs and grass-root level organizations which have kept him involved in academically sound and socially relevant research projects.

Held on: 12th September 2020

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