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Department of Animation organized an industrial visit to Xentrix Animation Studios, Bengaluru

Department of Animation, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized an industrial visit to Xentrix Animation Studios, Bengaluru on 20 September, 2017 as part of their curriculum. The industrial visit was intended for final year students of modeling, animation and VFX stream along with few staff members.

Mr. Siva Kumar, Head of Outreach and Talent Acquisition began the session with the showreels that showcased the Company’s work which is located in Bengaluru as well as Philippines. He also briefed on the seven-year journey of the Company in the area of Computer Generated (CG) and Traditional Animation.

During his talk, he gave the following inputs to the students.

  • Having the right attitude towards work is important
  • Good communication skills are essential for team collaboration
  • Criticism should be given and taken in a constructive manner
  • One must practice self-motivation to keep up the creative spirit

He also gave some valuable information regarding applying for a job at an animation studio.

  • Create a resume highlighting relevant objectives and skill sets
  • Create a covering letter wherever necessary
  • Put together an appropriate demo reel with a few of the best shots
  • In a 3-minute demo reel, you must make an impression in the first 30 seconds
  • Put together a breakdown video or document showcasing the research process followed to create the shots in the demo reel
  • Customize resumes according to industry
  • Tailor demo reels according to the job description
  • Set up a website or blog showcasing relevant content only, do not post old work and class assignments
  • One must cultivate an eye for self-judgment
  • Criticism must be taken positively
  • Invest a lot of time and patience in order to get the work done
  • Unique concepts must be shown in the portfolio instead of clichés
  • Art is a lifelong learning process.
  • Network with the CG and art community through events such as TASI, ASIFA, GAFX etc.

This discussion was followed by a Q & A session.

Mr. Veerendra Patil, the Chief Creative Officer also addressed the students and emphasized on the hard-hitting fact that the creative leadership has to come from within. He also said that everyone must learn drawing fundamentals, composition rules, and color theory. He also advised the students to cultivate good reading habits to improve visualization and observe and learn from everything. He concluded by saying that art is critical and technology should just support art.

The students got a wonderful opportunity to observeartists and animators at work.

The industrial tour concluded with a final round of discussion with Mr. Krishna Babu, the Texturing Supervisor. He answered all the technical queries and emphasized on the fact that being an artist is important; the software and tools can be learned.

This industrial visit added a lot of value to the learning acquired in the classrooms. It was highly beneficial to the students and staff alike.