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Guest Lecture on "Technology Trends in Geospatial Domain"

Jain (Deemed-to-be University)’s School of Engineering and Technology, has conducted a guest lecture on "Technology Trends in Geospatial Domain" for the second and thirst year students of the Electronic and Communications Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering departments on 23 April 2018.

The speaker for the event was Dr. Pradeep K Srivastava, Chief Technical Officer, Karnataka- GIS, Adjunct Professor, Earth Sciences, IITGn, Outstanding Scientist (Retd.), ISRO.

The guest lecture was preceded by the Director, JU- SET and emphasised on what is Geospatial domain. Geo spatial domain is an enabling technology for the navigation systems. In simple terms, geospatial information is geography and mapping. It is "place based" or "locational" information which is data tied to and portrayed on a map.

Today, a map is no longer something you fold up and put in the glove compartment of your car. It is the use of navigation systems either GPS/IRNSS/Bie Duo/GLONASS/Galileo and geographic information systems (GIS) that accurately collect, store, retrieve and display vast amounts of information in a spatial context.

New technologies enables geospatial data to be utilized in every industry. The proliferation of infinite storage, low-cost sensors, and fast networks are together bringing new era to geospatial data. The trend here is really towards learning and understanding to get a huge variety of information from different sources, ranging from small sensors to traditional mapping applications. With the expansion of the geospatial industry, there is more and more inclusion of building tools for analysing geospatial data. He gave the example of OLA / Uber and Agri Insurance how the geospatial domain is integrated with industry connect.

Later he enlightened us about the Govt. of Karnataka portal named Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications centre activities on remote sensing and GIS based projects.