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IGNITRON 2018 - Science Fest

School of Sciences, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized a Science Fest for Pre-University/Higher Secondary students on 12 December 2018.This Fest was organized with the idea of motivating more students to pursue their higher studies in the field of sciences. This event was a platform for these young students to learn scientific concepts, discoveries and applications in a fun filled way.

The fest was organized by department of Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physical Sciences and Forensic Sciences. The fest comprised of two events namely “Game of Words” and “Inquisitive”. Both the events were designed in a format which allowed students to learn science with fun and enjoyment. The students were motivated by faculty members from various departments with informative presentations on career paths in basic and applied sciences. They were also informed about the various Undergraduate Courses available in School of Sciences. The event witnessed a good response with more than 70 participants from all over Bangalore.