JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) News

Inauguration Ceremony of “INTELLIGENZ – The Robotics Club”

Prof. Malatesh Akkur (Faculty Convener of Intelligenz) formally welcomed all the dignitaries, at the dais and students. He mentioned how the club is made by the students and for the students and the benefits of joining the club along with a light hearted talk based on stage fright.

Dr. Asha Rajiv addressed the gathering after Prof. Malatesh Akkur and energized the crowd by her speech. She emphasized that Artificial Intelligence is the future of science and technology and how it poses a threat to employment and thus motivated the students present to join the club and thus have basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.

The Badging Ceremony took place wherein each core member was felicitated with a Club logo’s badge starting from the President and ending with the Public Relations Committee. After the Badging Ceremony, Vinit R. Iyer (Secretary of Intelligenz) presented a short presentation on the overview of the Club which included the Club Objectives, List of Short term and Long-Term Goals, Club structure of the Administration, Rules and regulations and lastly advantages of joining the Club.

After the presentation the stage was presented to Hudson Paul (5th sem PMCs student) and Srujini (5th sem Life Science student) who mesmerized the audience “A Thousand Years” and “Give me some Sunshine” to the tune of a guitar played by Hudson Paul himself. Nikhil Sharma (1st sem PMCs student) put life in the audience by beatboxing with an exquisite range of sounds. Vinit R. Iyer (Secretary of Intelligenz) then took up the stage and lightened the mood of the audience by having quiz round filled with funny riddles.

Core Members:
Faculty Conveners - Prof. Malatesh Akkur and Dr. Sathya Sheela S.
President - Aparna S. (5th sem PMCs)
Vice President - Rishabh M. Toliya (3rd sem PMCs)
Secretary - Vinit R. Iyer (1st sem PMCs)
Joint Secretary - Subhra S. Mohanty (1st sem PMCs)
Treasurer - Edwin Solaman K.S. (3rd sem RPCs)
Joint Treasurer - Melroy I. Fernandes (1st sem RPCs)

Event Coordinator:
Ashmita N (1st sem PMCs)
Riya Krishnan (3rd sem RPCs)
Sampath K.R. (5th sem RCCs)

Public Relations Manager:
Anusha K. (5th sem PMCs)
Mrudula R.L. (3rd sem PMCs)