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Jain University News

Industrial Visit to National Power Training Institute – Hot Line Training Centre

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) 's School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering had organized Industrial visit to National Power Training Institute – Hot Line Training Centre on 4 October 2018.

The Hot Line Training Centre has on-field training courses for 11/66/220/400 KV, which is conducted at the Somanahalli Receiving station.S Prakash Assistant Director of NPTI gave a brief lecture on the type of Hotline training that is provided in their Institution. The lecture was made even more interesting with a line diagram of electrical towers that gave a complete idea of how the training takes place and the risks that are involved in the training program. The two main methods of hotline maintenance also discussed by taking the students to the site where an 11KV training was under progress.

The suit used for the bare hand training method and the instrument used for thermal detection of the fault or damage inside the insulators were shown to the students. The main objective of the visit was to understand the process of transmission.