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JU-SET Organized a Technical Talk on 'Fourier Series'

JU-SET's Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a Technical Talk on 'Fourier Series' on 8 November 2017 for third-year undergraduate engineering students. The speaker of the day was Dr. Chandrashekar Vaidyanathan, Chairman, Department of Mathematics, Dayanand Sagar University.

The objective of the program was to impart a quality Technical Education in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering that addresses the evolving social needs and fast-growing global challenges endowing a healthy and vibrant world.

The speaker, while beginning the session introduced 'Fourier analysis' which is a key mathematical tool that has many applications in the theoretical Electronics Communication which breaks a function, a signal or a waveform into a representation which is characterized by sine and cosine. During his talk, he said that in the theory a signal is generally a voltage, and Fourier transform is essential mathematical tool which provides us an inside view of signal and its different domain, how it behaves when it passes through various communication channels, filters, and amplifiers and it also help in analyzing various problems.

The workshop provided a platform for students to blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications providing an opportunity for students and teachers to interact with the expert on the topic.